Marcris Indecent Proposal TM993661/03 4-95
name: Marcris Indecent Proposal
sex: male male
breeder: Marcris - Joyce Watkins
ch-titles: CH-USA


slika slika

brothers & sisters  ch  name   sex   color   litters   height   weight 
CH-USA Marcris Risque' Obsession slika female 1

inbreeding inbreeding analysis

PEDIGREE 3 4 5 6 generations

CH-USA Marcris Risque' Business
slika TM746982/01 03-93
Marcris Marshmallow Prism
TD054631 (01-91)
CH-USA Marcris Marshmallow
slika TB897390 11-82
Marcris Honey of Naysmith
Petals Lilys In The Snow
TC960347 (03-92)
CH-USA Marcris Love
TC629165 08-88 WH
Marcris Melody of Elkins
CH-USA Marcris Melissa
TM733029/03 11-93
CH-USA Su-Le's Cordon Bleu
TB992057 3-84
CH To The Victor Of Eng
slika TA659127 6-71
Su-Le's Minivet
TB537686 9-80
CH-USA Ju-Le's First Noel
slika TC886121 01-90 WH
C & M Fame of Madonna
CH-USA Hi-Lite Showoff For Jul-Le

offspring (8)  ch  name   sex   color   born   litters   height   weight   dam 
LOI 99/1... CH-USA Rhapsody's Indecent Mystery slika male 5 Marcris Pebbles Of Rhapsody
TN320071... CH-USA Divine's Indecent Imagination slika female 1 Hi-Lite Sunshine Bleu
TN51369401 CH-USA Divine Indecent Rumor Has It slika male 1 Hi-Lite Sunshine Bleu
TN651840... CH-USA Divine's Indecent Attraction slika female 2 Marcris Divinely Risque'
TN736412... CH-USA Divine's Indecent Scandal slika female 1 Pashes Divine Miss M
TN812832... CH-USA Divine's Indecent Desparado slika male 1 Marcris Divinely Risque'
TP10613902 Divine's Indecent Southern Belle female 1 Marcris Divinely Risque'
TP197956... CH-USA Divine's Indecent Cajun Storm slika male 1 Marcris Divinely Risque'

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