Candlewyck Rubyi's Starburst TN07017702
name: Candlewyck Rubyi's Starburst
sex: female female
breeder: Candlewyck - Janet E Licate
owner: Janet E Licate
ch-titles: CH-USA

brothers & sisters  ch  name   sex   color   litters   height   weight 
TN719198... CH-USA Candlewyck Stars And Bars female 2

inbreeding inbreeding analysis

PEDIGREE 3 4 5 6 generations

CH-USA Villa Malta's Kimba Stardust
slika TM91146008 (05-94)
Villa Malta's Dakota
TM721564/03 8-92
CH-USA Villa Malta's Timothy
TB890551 11-82
Villa Malta's Ceilia
TC 811985 7-88
CH-USA Villa Malta's Sparkles
TC498175 6-89
CH-USA Villa Malta's Mister Silks
TB634000 06-80
Villa Malta's Nicole
TC475304 5-86
CH-USA Candlewyck Ruby Dancer
TM790735/01 5-94
CH-USA Aennchen's Narain Dancer
TC185563 4-85
CH-USA Aennchen's Ashur Dancer
TC 027177 11-83
CH-USA Aennchen's Gita Dancer
TB 749169 11-83
CH-USA Snowpuff And Sparkles CDX
TC637892 1-92
Tru-Luv's Pied Piper
TC 244884 5-86
Anstine's Mattie Holly Hill
TC556018 4-87

offspring (1)  ch  name   sex   color   born   litters   height   weight   sire 
TP07625901 CH-USA Candlewyck Carnival Star male 1 Candlewyck Dreamboat Of Stars

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