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Marcris Risque' Perfection
TN40423503 (02-98)
Marcris Risque' Business
TM746982/01 03-93
Marcris Marshmallow Prism
TD054631 (01-91)
Marcris Marshmallow
TB897390 11-82
Marcris Honey of Naysmith
Petals Lilys In The Snow
TC960347 (03-92)
Marcris Love
TC629165 08-88 WH
Marcris Melody of Elkins
Marcris Guardian Angel
TM926106/02 10-94
Marcris Marshmallow
TB897390 11-82
Revlo Sir Of Batoch
TB131400 09-75
Marcris Amanda Of Cariel
TB609883 08-80
Ju-Le's First Noel
TC886121 01-90 WH
C & M Fame of Madonna
Hi-Lite Showoff For Jul-Le
Pashes Dream Come True
TM76777201 (03-98)
Pashes Moonlight Dream
Serenade's Moonlight Gambler
TC183718 07-86 WH
Dorisee Pik Pocket of Gordon
Gordon's Moonlight Serenade
Pashes A Kiss For Luck
Caje's I'm A Dreamer's Beau
Pashes Marshmallow
Pashes Diamond Tiara
Pashes Stetson Style
Myi's Glory Boy Seeker
Pashes Birthday Suprise
Pashes Diamond Lil
Pashes Rocket Spark
Pashes Luscious Lily ROM
TC419709 5-87

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